Social Support

Wellington Multi Service Centre provides a number of Social Support activities which include:

Tele Aid: a friendly phone call every morning to check on your well being. No cost applies

Laundry: a fortnightly service. Your washing is picked up on a Monday and return within a few days. A small cost applies

Hospital Visits: Whilst client is in hospital a volunteer will do errands such as pay bills or rent, collect mail etc. No cost applies

Companion Shopping: a volunteer will pick you up and assist you with your shopping and errands and return you home. A small cost applies

List Shopping: a volunteer will pick up your shopping list and money. Volunteers will do shopping and/or pay your bills for you. A small cost applies

Times on Wheels: Local newspapers recorded on CD's for easy listening. No costs applies

Cemetery Visits: a fortnightly service to visit loved ones. A small cost applies

Information and Referral: We can provide brochures and contact details for other service providers.

Individual Assistance: If you have a concern or a request you need help with. Contact us and we will try to help


We are passionate about making it easy to remain living independently in your own home.

Enabling you to take charge of your future and live the life you choose.


Get social with us!
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