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Social Support

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Wellington Multi Service Centre provides a number of Social Support activities which include:

Tele Aid: a friendly phone call every morning to check on your well being. No cost applies

Laundry: a fortnightly service. Your washing is picked up on a Monday and return within a few days. A small cost applies

Hospital Visits: Whilst client is in hospital a volunteer will do errands such as pay bills or rent, collect mail etc. No cost applies

Companion Shopping: a volunteer will pick you up and assist you with your shopping and errands and return you home. A small cost applies

List Shopping: a volunteer will pick up your shopping list and money. Volunteers will do shopping and/or pay your bills for you. A small cost applies

Times on Wheels: Local newspapers recorded on CD's for easy listening. No costs applies

Cemetery Visits: a fortnightly service to visit loved ones. A small cost applies

Information and Referral: We can provide brochures and contact details for other service providers.

Individual Assistance: If you have a concern or a request you need help with. Contact us and we will try to help

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